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Smiles on Hobart is a locally owned and operated denture clinic, located in the Hobart CBD. Dental Prosthetist Maurie D’Andrea has over 30 years’ experience and offers friendly, professional services and advice. We pride ourselves on offering prompt and meticulous denture repairs


Our Hobart dental clinic is proud to announce it is under new ownership. Joining Maurie D’Andrea is Nikolaus Zak, who has been in the industry for over 40 years.


Nick embraced an opportunity to partner with Rudi Metzler (who was recognised as an industry leader and a highly respected dental prosthetist practising in Hobart) many years ago. The partnership lasted for 25 years, after which Rudi retired. Nick continues to bring modern dental technology and prosthetics to the general public. Both Nick and the team are committed to helping you protect your teeth and smile with confidence. 


Believing that each and every person deserves to have their dental wants, needs and concerns listened to, Nick will take all of these aspects into consideration when creating your denture or mouthguard. To book an appointment, call today on 0419 833 495. In addition to Hobart, we cater to clients in Sandy Bay, New Town.

Maurie D'Andrea
Maurie D'Andrea - Smiles On Hobart
Nikolaus Zak
Nikolaus Zak - Smiles On Hobart
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Whether you have no natural teeth, or are only missing a few, Nick and Maurie will create dentures to smile about. We will do all we can to optimise both appearance and functionality.

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Same Day Relines

Most dentures become loose after a period of time, due to changes in the supporting bone of your upper and lower jaws. This can usually be fixed with a reline of your current denture in just one day.

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Home and Hospital Visits

Sometimes, it may be a little hard for patients to make it into the city to visit our denture clinic. This is why Nick and Maurie also offers home and hospital visits to complete your denture care.

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Health Fund Rebates

If you have private health insurance, Smiles on Hobart can process your claim at the time of your appointment. This means less running around for you and less out of pocket expenses.

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Custom Mouthguards

To help protect your teeth and jaws while playing a high-impact sport, a custom mouthguard is a must. We offer custom mouthguards in a range of colours, along with multi-laminated options–depending on what sport you play.

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If you are covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, you are also more than welcome to make an appointment with us. Your claim can be easily processed at our clinic.

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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are cost-effective, long-lasting prosthetics that provide a functional and aesthetic replacement for natural teeth.

The benefits of a denture include more effective chewing, easier swallowing and more coherent speech. In addition, dentures fill out the cheeks in the same way as natural teeth, reducing the risk of unwanted facial collapse. Modern dentures look very realistic, giving many wearers their smiles back!

Each set of dentures is custom-made, based on a patient’s individual gum impressions. Created from hard-wearing acrylic or nylon, dentures can take a little getting used to, but most patients find that they’re a convenient, discreet and effective replacement for natural teeth.

What type of denture is going to best suit my needs?

Depending on how many of their natural teeth remain, patients may opt for full or partial dentures. A full denture replaces all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. In contrast, a partial denture incorporates prosthetic teeth that fit in the gaps between the remaining natural teeth. It’s possible to have one or two full or partial dentures, depending on the configuration of the remaining teeth in the mouth.

The dentist at your denture clinic is best placed to advise on the type of denture that’s going to work for your needs.

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Even if you look after your dentures carefully, there are several reasons why they may need additional work. Over time, your gum shape changes, which can result in dentures that previously fitted well starting to rub or chafe. In these circumstances, relining is recommended – this involves recoating the interior surface of the denture with resin, creating a smooth, even surface that can better accommodate the jaw’s contours.

Some dentures may require repair due to wear and tear, or as a result of accidental damage. In these circumstances and more, you can depend on the team at Smiles on Hobart to provide the rapid, high-grade results you’re looking for. Our skilled technicians are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of denture repair, maintenance, construction and fitting.

We provide a complete suite of denture services, including same-day repair in many cases. If you can’t get to our Hobart denture clinic, don’t worry! The team can pick your dentures up from a convenient location, complete the necessary repairs and then return them to you.

Our goal is to ensure that in the event your dentures require repair, maintenance or refitting, we can provide the denture services you need in a timely, accessible manner. We recognise that many of our patients need a dependable, reputable and professional denture repair service that they can rely on. Through our fair pricing, fast service and home/hospital denture collection and delivery service, we endeavour to ensure your dentures provide years of trouble-free, comfortable service.

Call our team at Smiles on Hobart on (0419) 833 495 to learn more.

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I had a great experience here...suoer helpful with an out of left field problem. Solved my issue quickly, efficiently and with a perfect smile!

Chris Hood
Chris Hood

Local Guide

was ever so impressed with Nik Zak and his professional caring approach of ensuring the best outcome. Nik took the time to explain procedures and processes and the outcome exceeded my expectations and I truly appreciated his caring nature. I would highly recommend Smiles on Hobart.

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Tim Oxley

Local Guide​

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