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Providing Comprehensive Denture Repair Services

The Smiles on Hobart team offer fast, high-quality emergency denture services for Hobart residents. We have a range of cutting-edge tools and supplies at our local denture clinic that enables us to fix almost any type of denture problem on the same day.

To access our emergency denture services, simply call us on 0419 833 495.

full dentures by emergency denture prosthetist
Need Emergency Denture Repairs?

Same Day Denture Repair

Have you managed to crack a denture? Maybe one or more of the teeth have become detached or one of the clasps has weakened or broken. In all these circumstances and more, our denture professionals have the skills and equipment to repair your dentures locally in Hobart. Just give us a call and we can usually fix your denture the same day as you get in touch.

All denture repairs are completed using premium materials and by our highly experienced technicians.

Help if your dentures are ill-fitting, uncomfortable or painful

In some cases, the denture may not be broken, but the shape of your gums has changed, meaning the denture no longer fits like it used to. This can lead to symptoms such as:

  •  Dentures feeling loose, making eating or speaking a challenge
  • Discomfort when eating
  • Swollen, painful gums where the denture has begun to rub
  • Gum sores
  • Bad breath

The surface of the denture that fits over your gums also may have become chipped or worn, which can contribute to gum discomfort.

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, we can help. Our emergency service includes relining. Relining a denture involves scraping away the parts of the denture surface that are causing irritation, smoothing them down and then applying a fresh, thin layer of resin. Once hardened, the resin provides a smooth surface that’s moulded to fit the new contours of your gums. We can complete same day soft or hard relining, depending on which option suits you.

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We Can Come To You

As well as accepting dentures for repair or relining that are dropped off at our Hobart premises, we can also come out to your home, or visit you in hospital. Depending on what work your dentures need, we can either bring equipment with us and complete the work where you are, or take the dentures back to our denture clinic, get the work completed and then return them to you, usually on the same day.

We understand that some of our clients may not be able to easily visit us, which is why we are happy to go the extra mile and come to you to provide the denture repair, relining or other work that’s needed to ensure you can eat and speak comfortably with your dentures in place.

Smiles on Hobart provide emergency denture services for both full and partial dentures. Call us on (0419) 833 495.

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